About Ri Fang Hao

Ri Fang started training in acupuncture in 1969 under the master acupuncturist Song, Jing Xuan in Beijing. In 1969 the Chinese government sent her to Inner Mongolia for 6 years. During this period she was still under the guidance and training of Mr. Song. While in Mongolia she was trained as a "barefoot doctor" (i.e. working as GP), in which her duties involved all aspects of healing the sick such as diagnosing and treating disease, assisting with operations, treating all paediatric problems, skin problems, internal diseases, all women's complaints including pregnancy care and post natal problems, using both acupuncture and Chinese herbs, plus western medicine when necessary.

She was trained to collect her own herbs from the countryside or mountains and to process them by chopping or grinding, then sometimes boiling to extract the active ingredient. 

She studied and practiced in a number of hospitals in Beijing and qualified as a Chinese Medical Doctor in 1987, graduating from Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She then carried out a further three years advanced studies under the guidance of three well-known professors, including Prof Zhang, Ru Xin, in the Acupuncture Department of Beijing hospital of TCM. Her studies and work included treating bone and soft tissue injuries.

Ri Fang and Prof Zhang

Ri Fang and Prof Zhang

After work in China, she moved in 1991 to Krakow, in Poland where she set up the first Chinese Medical clinic. This was a very successful clinic. But due to economic climate in Poland and to her always wanting to work in UK, she moved to London in 1992. A year later she was invited to N. Ireland to set up the first Chinese Medical Centre.

In 1997 she opened her own clinics in both Belfast and Bangor and also travelled to Ballymena and Lurgan for day clinics. In the year 2001, she closed the Belfast clinic in order to concentrate on her Bangor practice.

Hao Clinic has been featured in newspapers, magazines and numerous radio/television programmes and in May 2006 she was invited to Hillsborough Castle to attend the Garden Party where she met His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

Ri Fang meeting Prince Charles

Ri Fang Meeting Prince Charles


She had been the regional coordinator for the British Acupuncture Council in N. Ireland for ten years (2000-2010) and she is now a Fellow of the Council. She is the only Acupuncturist to hold this prestigious title in Northern Ireland. She is also a Member of The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Susan Thorne who is the Chairman of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) had this to say regarding the Fellowship Award in 2011 “Many members do a great deal of work that raises the profile of the acupuncture profession and the BAcC. The granting of a fellowship is a way we can say thank you for their valuable work. The practitioners have given their expertise and their time to the profession over many years but usually there is a particular area in which their contribution has been outstanding. Ri Fang Hao involved herself in promoting acupuncture to the Northern Ireland community….set up the first regional group in Northern Ireland in 2000 and worked tirelessly to promote and develop the group within the region …proved herself as a true ambassador for the BAcC to the public and to colleagues.”


Ri Fang

HAO Certificate

Ri Fang Recieving BAcC Certificate of Fellowship