An Overview of our Service

We offer effective treatment for many health problems. TCM is a holistic treatment - it includes:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbal therapy
  • Dietary therapy
  • Exercise and Lifestyle management

A patient’s whole medical history is looked at.  All symptoms and lifestyle aspects are taken into consideration, and a diagnosis is formed using a combination of pulse reading, examination of the tongue and also medical tests where necessary.  After diagnosis we devise a programme of treatment, which fits the needs of each individual patient.  Special diet and/or exercise may also be advised.

Hao clinic was established in 1997 and is proud of its high standard of professionalism and hygiene, while still managing to retain a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Our patients come with all sorts of conditions, young and old, from babies to young adults and up to the age of 96 years from various backgrounds and places.  Most are from Northern Ireland but some come from as far away as Canada, Germany, London, and the South of Ireland.

Consultants and GP's frequently refer patients to us and we also receive referrals by word -of -mouth from existing or previous patients and their friends. The waiting area and treatment rooms are comfortable and clean, the sheets on the treatment room couches are changed after each patient and only fine sterile disposable needles are used. Chinese acupuncture treatment is completely safe and effective for of lots of conditions. Some examples as below:

Someone came with severe back pain and her husband carried her to my clinic, after treatment she walked out from clinic.

Another one came with drinking problems, she was only in her late thirties and all her body was covered with black marks, her doctor told her that this was from alcohol poison and that she would die of it.  She was stressed and looked miserable. After acupuncture and herbal treatment she has stopped drinking alcohol and also stopped smoking.  Now she looks younger and is much happier.

A mother brought her young baby with digestive problems which made the baby cry all night.  After special baby massage both mother and baby now have a smile on their face and baby sleeps through the night.

Someone with an injured ankle came on a crutch finding it difficult to walk. After traditional TCM bandage treatment he walked normally and didn’t need the help of the crutch.

Read more of our successful treatments in testimonials.

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