Dr. Hao is an exceptionally skilled practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with decades of clinical experience. Her extensive training in China, including teaching by world renowned masters, has equipped her to diagnose and successfully treat a vast range of medical conditions.

She is a fully accredited and leading member of the UK’s professional organization of acupuncturists, (British Acupuncture Council), which aims to guarantee excellence in training, safe practice and professional conduct.

She is among a small number of her professional peers who have been awarded the honour of becoming a Fellow of the Council.

I have personally benefited from Dr. Hao’s excellent acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment for a number of muscular and ligament injuries and can confirm very successful outcomes in each instance.

I have also recommended Dr. Hao to many colleagues and friends who have also found her treatment to be very beneficial for conditions as diverse as morning sickness, gynae problems, sleep disturbance, swollen joints, digestive problems and back pain.

Dr. Hao’s holistic approach means that in addition to providing symptomatic relief of specific presenting conditions her treatment also serves to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Dr.Woodhouse, Crawfordsburn

After arriving in Northern Ireland Ri Fang set up the first TCM clinic which proved to be extremely successful in a very challenging environment both in terms of Ri Fang as a foreigner and more so as acupuncture was a relatively new concept to the people. Ri Fang not only dedicated herself 100 percent to her clinic but also involved herself in promoting acupuncture to the Northern Ireland community. Indeed, promoting acupuncture and TCM at every opportunity in her career continues to be paramount to Ri Fang.

Undoubtedly, Ri Fang has excelled in her career as a professional acupuncturist. Moreover, it is her personal qualities that set her apart from others in the profession. Ri Fang set up the first regional group in Northern Ireland in 2000 and worked tirelessly to promote and develop the group within the region. This was quite a task in itself as Northern Ireland is geographically the largest region within the Council. However, well known for her dedication to the profession Ri Fang took it all in her stride and did a wonderful job.

As co-ordinator she was always readily available to encourage, support and be-friend the group members. In particular she facilitated many meetings and workshops providing the ideal opportunity for colleagues to get together and build upon their knowledge and experience. As practitioners we often work alone and having a senior member of this calibre within the group has proved invaluable. Certainly from talking to other members Ri Fang has readily assisted colleagues on their journey as acupuncturists proving that she is a dedicated professional with a passion for TCM.

Ri Fang’s achievements in her professional life have been multi dimensional. Her clinical excellence has benefited so many of the general public. Likewise she has proved herself as a true ambassador for the British Acupuncture Council to the public and to colleagues. Indeed, she had the pleasure of meeting with His Royal Highness Prince Charles at a Royal Garden Party at Government House, Hillsborough in May 2006. This provided Ri Fang with an excellent opportunity to briefly discuss acupuncture with Prince Charles.

More recently she has become a member of Women in Business N.I, in which she has been given the ideal platform to promote acupuncture and TCM throughout Northern Ireland.

In conclusion, without a doubt, Ri Fang Hao is a senior and renowned figure within our profession. The acupuncture/TCM profession, particularly in the Northern Ireland region, has been significantly enriched with her numerous contributions.

Terence Kwong (MBAcC), Coleraine; Dan Feng Zhang (MBAcC), Coleraine

I was suffering from stiffness in my arms. Couldn’t take upper body clothes off without help and in a lot of pain for 6 to 8 weeks I wasn’t sure what it was and was extremely worried.  I made an appointment with my own GP. Had frozen shoulder and was prescribed Steroid injection and anti-inflammatory. Decided to try acupuncture instead and booked an appointment with Dr Hao.   Had acupuncture about twice a week for 4 to 5 weeks. Was amazed at results. Cured my condition and helped my overall wellbeing. Would highly recommend treatment to others.

G Robinson, Bangor

In 1995 I suffered Gout on my left big toe for almost two years.  Went to my GP. Got a consultant and even had a Specialist in Harley Street, London. All with no lasting cure. Someone told me about Dr Hao. I made an appointment with her and after an examination and advice she prescribed herbs. After three weeks of taking herbs my Gout totally disappeared and has not returned.

In 2010 I had a frozen shoulder and had acupuncture from Dr. Hao on five days over a period of three weeks. The shoulder pain went away and gave me no trouble since.  

Murdock, Hillsborough

I had been suffering from Anxiety and Panic Attacks. I was unable to lead a normal life.  After several visits to my GP I was given tablets which didn’t work for me. I then heard of Dr Hao and decided to give her a try. After my initial consultation she recommended acupuncture along with herbal treatment. In time I found that I could live and cope day to day. I still attend Dr Hao for my overall wellbeing.  

L Burgess Bangor

I attended Dr Hao after suffering with a bad headache and stomach problems for over a year. Had been to my GP was given tablets and had scans etc. carried out. Dr Hao recommended herbal treatment and gave me diet advice. I have since gained weight and am feeling more energetic and generally great and have no more headaches or stomach problems.

AB, Bangor

7 Years ago I shattered my elbow. The hospital doctors told me I would never fully extend my arm beyond 45 degrees. So my Mum took me to Hao Clinic with the hospital x-rays. Within the first meeting Dr Hao had given me exercises and a full explanation so that I knew what was happening at each point. I followed the exercises for 4 months and at the end I had recovered the full use of my arm. I returned to physiotherapy and they were astonished, they had expected a 10% loss maximum, and they gave me no exercises to try.I play multiple sports and now know that without Dr. Hao’s expertise I would be unable to do so. She has a fantastic work ethic and extraordinary knowledge. I would recommend her to any one at all.

Craig, Age 17 Bangor

We had tried for 18 months to have a baby with no success. After only one month of acupuncture I was pregnant! It definitely works. We now have a happy 2 year old boy. I would recommend Hao Clinic.

Catherine, Bangor

My immune system is normally low and I have easily maintained a healthy active “working mother” lifestyle with acupuncture and Chinese herbs from Dr. Hao.

Lisa, Bangor

I badly injured my ankle 5 years ago; I fell and twisted muscle from bone (ligament injury). I visited the Hao Clinic and received prompt and courteous service. Dr Hao discussed what happened in detail and explained thoroughly what was needed to heal this injury. I followed her guidance and after three visits my ankle was healed. I know some people who still have a weakness from such a fall so I was delighted to find my own ankle was as strong as before.

I can now hike in the mountains with confidence and follow my usual active lifestyle thanks to my treatment in the Hao Clinic. It also means I have tremendous medical support for any further ailments and I have called on Dr. Hao many times since. I have shared my experience with many people and highly recommend the Hao Clinic to anyone. You will not be disappointed!

P Craig, Bangor

Having used prescribed steroid creams to treat a fungal condition for several years, my skin in places had become very inflamed and painful. This condition has apparently always been present on the skin but can flare up in later life. It thrives in the body’s warm folds.

A comment from someone I have known for a long time, to the effect that she was waiting for Dr. Hao to make her up some herbs jolted me into the realization that this might be someone to whom I might turn who would suggest an alternative to steroid creams.

I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Hao (who calls the condition “heat”). She recommended I cut specific foods and drinks from my diet and suggested a course of herbal washes and tablets/capsules.

I followed her advice and the condition has improved dramatically. I have not used steroid creams for several months.

Katherine Davies, Bangor

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr Hao. She is friendly, professional and meticulous in her methods. She has all the properties you could wish for in a health professional, and guided me back on the path to good health

Mike, Holywood

Just to say thank you for the facial acupuncture sessions. Everybody has been commenting on how well I look. I have noticed that the wrinkles on my forehead are lighter and less significant, as well as those around my mouth.

Also I felt wonderfully relaxed and calm after every treatment

M Ratkovic, Holywood.

Thank you for all your kind and understanding help to me particularly at this stressful time. I find your therapy a complete time of relaxation for which I am deeply grateful. Please accept this as a mark of my appreciation

H O’Hanlon, Bangor

Facial Acupuncture – having passed my 50th Birthday I noticed my skin deteriorating. Not only did I seem to have a lot of wrinkles but my skin appeared grey and dull. Although I had a number of facials and used lots of creams nothing seemed to improve.

When I heard about facial acupuncture I thought it was certainly worth a try. I like the idea that it is natural and good for my overall health. Botox, facelifts and implants etc. are things that I would never use. I think they are unnatural and have a lot of different risks.

Facial Acupuncture with Dr. Hao has been amazing. The whole tone and texture of my skin has improved. The wrinkles, while still there, have diminished and are not nearly so deep. I am delighted with the result and would highly recommend facial acupuncture at Hao Clinic to everyone.

Margaret, Bangor